You know your shit

You are passionate, talented, and yes, I’ll say it, a powerful women with a touch of genius. You adore your work, and your clients adore you. Once you and they connect – magic!

Your passion – it’s everything to you – your baby, your livelihood, your reason for spending hours each day perfecting your packages, sweating over social media, and creating materials that will help your clients meet their goals and live their best lives.

They need you – you know this. You know this with all of your being. So why aren’t they taking you up on your offers, hiring you on the spot, or purchasing your programs?

Something is not connecting. I’m going to be blunt now – not everyone is a writer, and that’s okay. Your immense talent is better spent assisting your clients than on slaving over correct tense, punctuation placement and parallel sentences.

Grammar is not everyone’s bag – but lucky for you, it’s mine! Why don’t we put my obsession for grammar and punctuation to work for you?

Know what a comma splice is? A dangling modifier? That’s okay, I do! Let me worry about putting the commas in the right places and if your verbs and subjects agree. Together, we’ll find the right words and put them together in a way that clearly conveys your message and your passion.

Let’s give kick up your copy, punch up your punctuation and get this grammar train a rollin’!